As Aberdeen’s only world-class business location, Prime Four has a fully integrated management and event service befitting its international standing.

Prime Four businesses and their staff benefit from:

  • Management and maintenance of all common landscaping, running and cycling paths and roads
  • Park-wide sporting and social event programme – bringing life to work
  • Management of car parking on the estate roads
  • A dedicated Travel Co-ordinator to provide initiatives to encourage sustainable travel to and from Prime Four
  • Prime Four Liftshare - a park-wide car-pooling/ride-share platform accessed by occupiers on the Prime Four Members Intranet
  • Maintenance and control of all common services


*Statistics taken from Gensler: The US Workplace Survey 2006

Sales & Letting

Ryden, Arron Finnie

T: 01224 588866


FG Burnett, Jonathan Nesbit

T: 01224 597531