Locally Connected

Public Transport – Prime Four is highly accessible from all directions and benefits from excellent public transport links. The Kingswells park-and-ride bus facility is integrated with Prime Four, with regular buses to and from Aberdeen and a number of rural bus services stop on the A944 immediately adjacent to Prime Four from a host of locations.

Office network – Prime Four has an unrivalled location within the Aberdeen office market as part of the natural evolution of the western office corridor, starting in the city centre, linking the West End office area, the Hill of Rubislaw office complex, Prime Four and Westhill.

Residential – this corridor also includes many of Aberdeen’s prime residential areas and Prime Four is located beside Kingswells, an affluent village suburb, making Prime Four an attractive workplace for staff.

By road – the excellent local road links ensure Prime Four is a short drive for the majority of staff. Prime Four’s developers are so committed to enhancing access to the area, they have funded major local road improvements. The A944 will be widened east- and west-bound with additional dedicated lanes and the existing Kingswells roundabout realigned prior to completion of Phase 1 of Prime Four.

By bike – the local cycle path network also makes healthier and greener transport viable. A unique onsite bike user scheme will be part of the service facilities at Prime Four.

National access – the motorway network makes Edinburgh and Glasgow accessible in just over 2 hours and Aberdeen is connected to major towns and cities throughout the UK with regular trains. Access to Prime Four is set to get even better, with the proposed Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route to be built. This new road will link Prime Four directly to the airport and make driving from many areas of Aberdeen much quicker.

Digital – the world-class connectivity also extends into the digital world. Prime Four is installing a state-of-the-art diversely routed telecoms infrastructure. A high-speed fibre-optic network will be available with two separate and independent fibre providers at your service.




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