A home for bees

Our most unique tenants

Prime Four are delighted to house over 60 thousand of our honey making and nature critical bees at the park. Recognising the environmental impact bee’s have, our apiary houses 4 hives, has been built and installed on the wildflower grounds situated between the Apache and Maersk building. A big thank you to our resident beekeepers – James Shaw Jackson from CNOOC and Kevin Bayne from Taqa. James and Kevin are avid beekeepers and are hard at work throughout the year caring for our hairy bodied friends.

Our hard-working Prime Four bees have given us some bumper crops of honey in the past and you can enjoy the fruits of their labour. We can’t sell the honey but when available and In return for a jar, all we ask is you make a small donation to our charity choice at that time. Any available honey will be communicated in our park newsletter.
The community of global energy majors, a national hotel chain, dental and childcare providers and some of the country’s most successful professional services firms is testament to the value today’s leading-edge organisations place on providing a rich and well-planned environment for their employees.

Why our bees are important to our location

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Some facts

Maybe these should be about our bees?….

  • Our bees make 5000 spoons of honey a year
  • We have 4 queen bees resident at Prime Four
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