Improving biodiversity

Prime Four prides itself on the green space and parkland that makes the park such a fantastic place to be. The management team focuses on the provision, management and improvement of the biodiversity in the meadow and pond areas on the Prime Four estate – from the Prime Four Apiary housing around 180,000 honey bees, to the thriving wetland area near the park entrance, to the wild meadow path networks in the North of the Park we take habitat management seriously. The team has created and manages the land for the benefit of biodiversity, the tenant staff on the park and the community of people living nearby.

Amongst are abundance of wildlife visitors, we also have resident cattle that roam the Northern Park. Joining us in November 2022, Hester and her daughter Klara arrived at Prime Four to take up residence. Hester gave birth to Kasper the following year where they all remained until March 2024. Being a Bull, the decision was taken to move Kasper on to ensure a calmer environment and, with our efforts, we had suspicion that Hester was indeed pregnant again… TBC!

If you would like to know more then please read ‘Meet our cows‘ news story.

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