Aberdeen’s status as a global centre of excellence in the renewables and energy industry is long established and the city enjoys a very strong international economy with a diverse, cosmopolitan population. Prime Four’s location makes it the best-connected development in the north of Scotland.

Prime Four is ideally located within Aberdeen’s western office corridor, running from the city centre to Westhill. Surrounded by prime residential and affluent suburbs, Prime Four is integrated with the local transport system, road network, cycle lanes and international access via Britains fastest-growing airport.

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Prime Four Business Park, Kingswells Causeway, Kingswells,
Aberdeen, AB15 8PU

Locally connected

This world-class connectivity is replicated in the digital world with a state-of-the-art telecoms infrastructure installed at Prime Four. As the energy capital of Europe, Aberdeen has a major role to play as both a global supply-chain in engineering, manufacturing and technology and as part of the UK’s transition to a lower carbon economy. Prime Four is the premier operating venue for many of the international companies and their service providers head-quartered in the city.

Public transport

Prime Four is highly accessible from all directions and benefits from excellent public transport links. The Kingswells park-and-ride bus facility is integrated with Prime Four, with regular buses to and from Aberdeen and a number of bus services run through the park to and from a host of locations.

By bike

The local cycle path network also makes healthier and greener transport viable. A unique onsite bike user scheme will be part of the service facilities at Prime Four.

Office network

Prime Four has an unrivalled location within the Aberdeen office market as part of the natural evolution of the western office corridor, starting in the city centre, linking the West End office area, the Hill of Rubislaw office complex, Prime Four and Westhill.


This corridor also includes many of Aberdeen’s prime residential areas and Prime Four is located beside Kingswells, an affluent village suburb, making Prime Four an attractive workplace for staff.

By road

The excellent local road links ensure Prime Four is a short drive for the majority of staff. Prime Four’s developers are so committed to enhancing access to the area, they have funded major local road improvements. The A944 will be widened east- and west-bound with additional dedicated lanes and the existing Kingswells roundabout realigned prior to completion of Phase 1 of Prime Four.

National access

With the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route adjacent to Prime Four the motorway network makes Edinburgh and Glasgow accessible in just over 2 hours and Aberdeen is connected to major towns and cities throughout the UK with regular trains.

By Air

With Britain’s fastest growing airport, Aberdeen International 15 minutes away, Prime Four is connected to the rest of Europe and beyond. 20 airlines fly approximately 3 million passengers per-year to more than 40 national and international destinations. The heliport is one of the busiest in the world and transfers 500,000 people annually to the offshore platforms.


The world-class connectivity also extends into the digital world. Prime Four has a state-of-the-art diversely routed telecoms infrastructure. A high-speed fibre-optic network is available with two separate and independent fibre providers at Tenant’s service.

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Renewables and Energy

The majority of international renewable and energy companies and their service providers have regional headquarters in the city. The presence of these businesses and many others makes Aberdeen the centre of a global supply-chain in engineering, manufacturing and technology.
The renewable energy industry is becoming increasingly important in the UK. With considerable resources and technical expertise in place, Aberdeen will have a major role to play in the UK’s transition to a lower-carbon economy. This sector is set to expand, building on the already thriving energy industry in Aberdeen.


Aberdeen fast facts:

  • The unemployment rate in Aberdeen is presently 2.2%, compared to 8.5% in Scotland and 8.3% in the UK
  • Aberdeen is consistently rated highly for its quality of life
  • Aberdeen also has 4% of Scotland’s population but 28 of Scotland’s top 100 companies
  • Average earnings in Aberdeen are 21% above the national average
  • Aberdeen University together with the Robert Gordon University caters for approximately 30,000 students
  • Aberdeen is one of the most prosperous cities in the UK, with a population of approximately 210,000 and a catchment population of approximately 500,000
  • Aberdeen has a thriving service resource including market leaders in banking, legal and accountancy sectors
  • Aberdeen has many global HQs as befits its status as the energy capital

Key Statistics:

  • Students catered for in Aberdeen University and the Robert Gordon University
  • Average earnings in Aberdeen above the national average
  • Approximate population and a catchment population of approximately 500,000

Work at Prime Four

Everyone that works on Prime Four can become a Prime Four Member. Membership provides access to complimentary health and fitness classes, nature & biodiversity activity, bike maintenance, car valeting and dry cleaning services…and much more.