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Drum Property Group has established and maintained a productive ongoing dialogue with the local community and other stakeholders over the last couple of years and will continue to maintain a consultative relationship as the Prime Four development progresses. Based on feedback we have received, we have prepared the following frequently asked questions to help explain our approach, and our future intentions for the Prime Four development.

Who are Drum Property Group Ltd?

Drum Property Group Ltd is an award-winning commercial property investment and development company. Drum is based in Aberdeen and Edinburgh and is committed to providing high-quality business and residential projects throughout the UK.

What is Prime Four?

Prime Four is an award-winning, International-class business park, the first of its kind in Aberdeen, and befitting the status the city holds as the energy capital of Europe. You can find out more about Prime Four on this website.

What makes this park different from other industrial estates around Aberdeen?

Drum’s proposals are for the creation of a high-quality business park. It is home, and in some cases the headquarters, of a number of leading majors in the energy sector. Prime Four is not a standard industrial estate-type development, of which there are already several in Aberdeen. The buildings instead provide world-class, sustainable, high-quality office accommodation in a properly landscaped environment befitting Aberdeen’s status as the energy capital of Europe.

Has Drum carried out public consultation on Prime Four?

Drum completed a number of productive discussions and meetings with Kingswells Community Council (KCC) in order to learn from their local knowledge and keep them up-to-date with its proposals. The ‘Prime Four’ name reflects KCC’s wishes to have a stand-alone brand for the development. Drum also held a successful public exhibition/consultation event at Kingswells Primary School in late summer 2011 to give the local community the opportunity to view our proposals, see how they had evolved over the previous two years, ask questions and provide the project team with feedback which helped inform more detailed plans. An earlier version of this website was also established to allow Kingswells residents who were unable to attend the public consultation event to view the plans and submit comments. Residents without home internet access were encouraged to use internet facilities at the city’s public libraries to the view the plans.

Which companies are based at Prime Four?

You can find out more about all the companies based at Prime Four here

When did work start?

Work began on the first phase of the Prime Four development in July 2012. This initial work included site and A944 infrastructure in addition to the office accommodation.

When will it be completed?

The third phase of construction was completed and operational by late 2017. Future phases will be progressed

How will cars access the site, and will traffic levels increase?

Drum Property Group understand that the A944 is a key corridor into and out of Aberdeen and are so committed to the area, funded major local road improvements. The A944 has been widened east- and west-bound with additional dedicated lanes and the existing Kingswells roundabout was realigned prior to completion of Phase 1 of Prime Four. There will also be an additional entrance to the park on the C89, opening in the first quarter of 2016. The Prime Four Management team monitors traffic entering and exiting the site on a daily basis, and has regular contact with the local Council and traffic management operators to ensure the new traffic light system provides a smooth flow of traffic at busy periods. The Management team also promote a sustainable travel policy to all staff working at Prime Four, promoting usage of the integrated park and ride bus service, a car sharing platform with Liftshare (accessible on the Prime Four intranet) and bike maintenance classes and information on local routes.

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