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Environment & Service

Prime Four represents a unique approach to the way business accommodation interacts with its environment and the lifestyles of the people that work there.

It is well documented that an employee’s surroundings affect their psychological and social wellbeing. In short, a happy colleague is a productive colleague. Prime Four is designed to encourage socialising and collaboration, things that top-performing businesses value. This work-life balance creates rewarding and efficient workplaces.

The community of global energy majors, a national hotel chain, healthcare and childcare providers and some of the country’s most successful professional services firms is testament to the value today’s leading-edge organisations place on providing a rich and well-planned environment for their employees.

The integration of landscaped parkland, pedestrian and running routeways, sustainable transport links and local amenities makes Prime Four a desirable place for companies to be located.

Prime Four Management deliver an active sporting and social programme for all tenant colleagues, ensuring health, wellbeing and nature-focused activities are available for all those that work on the park. From yoga, gentle walking and JogScotland groups, to more energetic personal training and group boot camp classes, to guided nature walks, bird-watching and bee-keeping, there is a range of activity to keep staff healthy, active and productive.

As Aberdeen’s only International-class business location, Prime Four has a fully integrated management and event service befitting its international standing.

A raft of supplementary services such as bike maintenance, dry cleaning and car valeting are also available on site.

Prime Four businesses and their staff benefit from:
  • Management and maintenance of all common landscaping, running and cycling paths and roads
  • Park-wide sporting and social event programme – bringing life to work
  • Management of car parking on the estate roads
  • A dedicated Travel Co-ordinator to provide initiatives to encourage sustainable travel to and from Prime Four
  • Prime Four Liftshare – a park-wide car-pooling/ride-share platform accessed by occupiers on the Prime Four Members Intranett
  • Maintenance and control of all common services

“There is a real sense of community throughout the park, and Prime Four delivers a number of programmes ranging from blood donation days and fitness classes, to bike checks and car washing, it’s a great environment. There are lots of opportunities for our people to get involved which makes Prime Four a great place to be.” In short, Prime Four brings life to work.

Graeme Allan, Managing Partner, Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP

The Fourcourt

Prime Four provides a socially and creatively stimulating environment. The centre of this is The Fourcourt – a high-class amenities hub and social area. Featuring a sports court available for tennis, 5-a-side football, netball and basketball, the Fourcourt is surrounded by FRESH café, Kingswellies Nursery, Kingswells Dental Practice, Urban Bar & Grill and Starbucks – with conferencing and leisure facilities within the Village Hotel. The Fourcourt is the central point for park events providing a sense of community, interaction and a buzzing social area.

Prime Four brings life to work

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